Is Your Dog Shampoo Gentle and pH-Balanced?

by   |  Oct 16, 2014  
Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

When you bathe your dog, is his dog shampoo gentle to his skin?  Does it keep the layer of protective oils in his hair while still getting rid of the dirt and icky stuff?  Is the shampoo truly pH-balanced so that its actually good for your dog’s coat and skin? Unfortunately many dog shampoos are harsh to Continue reading »

Dog News About Hospice Therapy Dog Program

by   |  Oct 07, 2014  

This past summer, there was some dog news about the assessment of dogs who qualified for the UnityPoint’s Hospice Therapy Dog Program. The dogs needed to be good natured and refrain from smelling or consuming an enticing platter of pastries, cheese, beef and peanut butter. There were about twelve dogs assessed on their capability of walking and Continue reading »

Getting in Shape is One of the Many Benefits of Owning a Dog

by   |  Oct 02, 2014  

With 34.9 million obese people living in the United States, the country faces a major health crisis. The first step to helping people lose weight might not be pills or fad diets. It could be getting a dog. Dogowners Get More Exercise It might not feel like a benefit on rainy evenings when your pooch Continue reading »

Grooming Your Dog at Home

by   |  Sep 30, 2014  
Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

Good hygiene and grooming for your beloved 4-legged friend isn’t just to make him or her look pretty. Grooming benefits your furry friend’s mental health as well as their physical health. Below are 5 tips to ensure grooming your dog at home is a great experience for you and your best friend: 1. Take it slow. Make sure your pup Continue reading »

It’s Time To Get Your Drag – On

by   |  Jul 25, 2014  
drag queen bingo

We are excited to announce our involvement in the 3rd Annual Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Drag Queen Bingo! In one evening, you can find your future best friend, make a difference in the lives of others, maybe win some prizes and see the hottest babes in Asheville, NC. Yes, friends, it’s back again in all it’s Continue reading »