Fitness for Dogs: Outdoor Activities


Outdoor activities for your dog are essential for his/her health, happiness, and mental alertness. Not to mention all the health benefits you’ll acquire by getting outside with your best friend. If your dog is elderly or suffers health conditions always consult your vet before starting any new activity. Start slow and keep him/her hydrated. Just like people, dogs need to build up their stamina and drinking plenty of water during their play is vital for overall health. Also remember that each dog is an individual and may not enjoy all the same activities as other dogs. A little trial and error will help you determine what works best for your pooch.

414691_305312479546454_91756600_oBiking: Many dogs love to accompany their owners on bike rides. This works well for very fit dogs with lots of energy. This activity can be dangerous so be sure and buy bicycle attachments that hitch the dog to your bike while preventing him/her from following too close behind and getting hurt. Be mindful of temperatures. Dogs will give everyting they have keeping up despite the fact that they suffer from the heat much more than we do. Don’t let your loved one overexert themselves and become ill or worse.

Camping: Avid campers can buy a real pup tent for their dog that can be staked to the ground.

Dog Parks: Dog parks are a blessing for urban dog owners. Formerly leash bound dogs get the chance to run free and play not only with their owners, but with other dogs too.

Fetch: This old time favorite will keep most dogs occupied for hours on end.

Swimming: Swimming is a perfect excersize for dogs of all ages. It’s low impact and works many muscles at once. Dogs can swim safely in chlorinated pools. The chlorine may raise heck with their coat, just like it does your hair, but you can counteract that with a good bath in one of the many fine products offered by M&J Dog Essentials.

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Problem: Your dog’s skin is dry and itchy!

Simply Soothed Herbal Rinse from M&J Dog Essentials includes Calendula Flowers as one of its key ingredients!

Simply Soothed Herbal Rinse $12

The problem: Your dog has dry and itchy skin.

It’s a pain to see your best friend with dry itchy skin, especially if they keep scratching at it. Definitely not a happy time.

Dry skin can be caused by just about everything. The cold Winter months, the awful Spring allergies, a new diet, or your loyal friend just has naturally dry skin. This is stressful for both of you, and you both want to fix it.

The solution: Simply Soothed Herbal Rinse from M&J Dog Essentials

Keep both you and your best friend happy, by giving piece of mind with this soothing herbal rinse. The best part, it’s all natural!

It’s a triple threat, with fantastic smelling flowers like Chamomile, Calendula, and Lavender. All of which will fix both the itch, and the stress by providing relaxation, and leave them comforted.

While the Chamomile and Calendula both soothe skin inflammation, the Chamomile will relieve the nervousness, and the Calendula calms the itching. Lastly, the flowers from the Lavender plant ease the pain and itching! It also has healing leaves of plantain, and hints of peppermint!

There are a few ways to use this product, the main being soaking them in the bath. You can also use this as a soothing foot bath on sore paws after a prolonged day in the woods hiking, or a lengthy run beside your bicycle on concrete.

Add hot water to your bath tub, or another container that will fit your pooch, and drop in the pouch. Mix the pouch in the water, until it has cooled, and reached a comfortable temperature. Remove the pouch from the water. Soak a wash cloth, or a hand towel in the water, and lay it over your dogs back. Repeat until all of the rinse has been used. Or pour the rinse evenly over your dog in the tub. Let dry.

You now have a very happy, relaxed, less itchy, skin soothed best friend!

If you’re looking for more dog grooming products to make your best friend healthy, happy and clean, please check out M&J Dog Essentials or feel free to contact us.

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It’s Allergy Season! Herbal Remedies For Your Dog


IMG_7609Suffering with springtime allergies? Chances are, your dog is too. While you might be troubled with nasal swelling and drainage, your dog may be experiencing his own set of problems.

You first need to determine what your dog’s symptoms are so you can treat his problem accordingly. It’s best to first get your dog examined by a veterinarian to determine the exact problem your dog is having. Once your vet diagnoses your dog with allergies, you can then try using these dog herbal remedies. Here’s what to do if your dog is experiencing:

  • Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

    Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

    Visible sores or irritations on the skin that itch. Dogs with springtime allergies can develop a rash that will either be localized or all-over the body depending on the severity and type of allergen involved. If your dog is having these symptoms, it’s very important to keep him bathed regularly. Regular bathing washes off any pollens or other airborne allergens that might be affecting your dog. Be sure to use a natural dog shampoo that contains natural cleansing ingredients like camellia oil. Camellia oil is a natural antioxidant that helps balance the normal PH levels and restores moisture to the skin which should help to calm the itching and inflammation associated with the rash. Massage the shampoo on the skin and coat for several minutes to let it soak in, and make sure to rinse thoroughly. Dogs with the most severe allergies can be bathed up to twice a week. You may also apply Simply Soothed Herbal Rinse with calendula oil, chamomile, and lavender which soothes irritated, painful, and itchy skin.

  • Coughing, wheezing, sneezing, or eye discharge. An indoor air-purifier may help both you and your dog with these symptoms, but spending any length of time outdoors usually triggers most allergy sufferers’ symptoms. Simply wiping down your pooch with a in-between bath product will not only eliminate odor, but also help to remove some of the pollens or other airborne allergens that might be irritating him.

For more information on herbal remedies for your dog, please contact us.

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Cupuacu Butter For Dogs — All Of The Benefit, None of the Burn

Nutrient Fusion Pre-Bath Treatment from M&J Dog Essentials
Cupuacu butter provides relief from dog dandruff and itchy dog skin while moisturizing and improving coat texture in Nutrient Fusion Pre-Bath Treatment from M&J Dog Essentials!

Cupuacu butter provides relief from dog dandruff and itchy dog skin while moisturizing and improving coat texture in Nutrient Fusion  from M&J Dog Essentials!

When people see the phrase “cupuacu butter” two immediate thoughts come to mind: what in the world is that and how do you pronounce it?

Of these two questions, the pronunciation is actually the hardest one to answer. Some say it’s koo-poo-ah-soo others say ku-pwah-a-koo. Still others prefer koop-wa-so.

But no matter how you say it, the important thing to know is what it is and how it can benefit your dog.

Cupuacu butter is a deep moisturizer made from the Brazilain fruit, cupuacu. It’s a plant compound that is actually similar to cholesterol. And cholesterol–while not good for your dog’s arteries–is a main component of skin. It helps skin retain moisture and function as a protective barrier. But putting actual cholesterol on your dog’s skin can cause inflammation and irritation. Cupuacu butter, on the other hand, provides all of the benefit with none of the burn.

The thing is, cupuacu butter contains a high level of natural phytosterols, substances that help skin recover its natural moisture. In fact, they not only help skin and hair lock in moisture but also penetrate deeply without blocking the pores. And it’s easy to use cupuacu butter for dogs, it is found in a variety of natural dog grooming products from M&J Dog Essentials, like Nutrient Fusion – it just needs to be massaged into your dog’s coat and skin as part of his regular bathing routine.

If you are interested in products containing cupucacu butter and other natural products that can keep your canine companion looking and feeling his best, please check out M&J Dog Essentials at or contact us.

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Benefits of Converting to Eco-Friendly Dog Products

Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

M&J Product LinePerhaps you have made the conversion in your home to more earth friendly and eco-friendly products.  Congratulations!  It might be easy to overlook your pet products, especially because you don’t use them as often.  Just in case, we have some eco-friendly dog products to stock up on to keep your dog healthy and fresh.

  • We will start off with a great way to store all of your products.  The M&J Logo Tote Bag is made from natural and sustainable products, making it reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly.  It is also very lightweight, so as to not add extra weight when you need to transport your pet’s needs.
  • Nutrient Fusion Pre-Bath Treatment helps restore softness and moisture to your dog’s fur.  This makes it more pleasant for you to love and play with your dog, but also enables them to be free from scratching their dry skin and dandruff.  The aromatherapy this product provides also helps to relieve the stress and anxiety your pet might feel.
  • Purely Clean Dog Shampoo helps to clean your dog without taking away the natural oils that your dog needs.  This promotes a healthy coat and minimizes the risk of skin irritation.  Natural oils are essential in maintaining a proper pH balance and preventing skin troubles.  It helps with allergies and other skin conditions that your pet might have.
  • Our Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for dogs with longer fur.  It helps to detangle their coat while adding moisture to the skin.  This saves you time with grooming your dog.
  • FreshenUp Cleansing TreatmentThe Freshen Up Cleansing Treatment is perfect for a dog on the run.  It helps to clean dirt and odor when you don’t have time for a formal bath.  This helps prevent your dog from ingesting unsafe chemicals or pesticides after a day at the dog park, for example.  In addition, it helps promote safety for you and your family so you won’t be transferring harmful things to your hands as you love on your dog.
  • Simply Soothed Herbal Rinse is the perfect solution for dogs that have sore paws or skin irritation.  This product is full of chamomile, lavender, and calendula.  This combination is soothing for your dog and provides relief from pain or itching.

Include your dog in your journey to living a cleaner and more holistic lifestyle with these wonderful products.  Holistic products help prevent diseases and illnesses by limiting your dog to exposure to dangerous chemicals.  Natural products can help your pet to enjoy a longer lifespan with higher quality of life.  For more information on our grooming products, please contact us today!

Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

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