Benefits of Converting to Eco-Friendly Dog Products

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M&J Product LinePerhaps you have made the conversion in your home to more earth friendly and eco-friendly products.  Congratulations!  It might be easy to overlook your pet products, especially because you don’t use them as often.  Just in case, we have some eco-friendly dog products to stock up on to keep your dog healthy and fresh.

  • We will start off with a great way to store all of your products.  The M&J Logo Tote Bag is made from natural and sustainable products, making it reusable, recyclable, and eco-friendly.  It is also very lightweight, so as to not add extra weight when you need to transport your pet’s needs.
  • Nutrient Fusion Pre-Bath Treatment helps restore softness and moisture to your dog’s fur.  This makes it more pleasant for you to love and play with your dog, but also enables them to be free from scratching their dry skin and dandruff.  The aromatherapy this product provides also helps to relieve the stress and anxiety your pet might feel.
  • Purely Clean Dog Shampoo helps to clean your dog without taking away the natural oils that your dog needs.  This promotes a healthy coat and minimizes the risk of skin irritation.  Natural oils are essential in maintaining a proper pH balance and preventing skin troubles.  It helps with allergies and other skin conditions that your pet might have.
  • Our Leave-In Conditioner is perfect for dogs with longer fur.  It helps to detangle their coat while adding moisture to the skin.  This saves you time with grooming your dog.
  • FreshenUp Cleansing TreatmentThe Freshen Up Cleansing Treatment is perfect for a dog on the run.  It helps to clean dirt and odor when you don’t have time for a formal bath.  This helps prevent your dog from ingesting unsafe chemicals or pesticides after a day at the dog park, for example.  In addition, it helps promote safety for you and your family so you won’t be transferring harmful things to your hands as you love on your dog.
  • Simply Soothed Herbal Rinse is the perfect solution for dogs that have sore paws or skin irritation.  This product is full of chamomile, lavender, and calendula.  This combination is soothing for your dog and provides relief from pain or itching.

Include your dog in your journey to living a cleaner and more holistic lifestyle with these wonderful products.  Holistic products help prevent diseases and illnesses by limiting your dog to exposure to dangerous chemicals.  Natural products can help your pet to enjoy a longer lifespan with higher quality of life.  For more information on our grooming products, please contact us today!

Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

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Use the Right Products for an Effortless Dog Bath

PHOTO CREDIT: Lily Red Studios
FreshenUp Coat Tonic makes puppies first bath a breeze! PHOTO CREDIT: Lily Red Studios

FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment makes puppy’s first bath a breeze!
PHOTO CREDIT: Lily Red Studio

The responsibilities that go along with owning a dog are numerous. No matter how clean you keep your house and your dog, dirt happens as they say. Giving your canine companion a bath is a smooth process with the right shampoo and conditioner. Use natural products that keep the skin and coat in great condition, and follow these quick tips when it’s time for a dog bath:

  • Practice safety first by ensuring that you can properly secure the dog in the tub. Small ring hooks are available at any hardware store and can be attached either permanently or temporarily to the wall surrounding the tub. Nylon collars and leashes are washable and will help with control.
  • Provide good footing for your canine by having a rubber mat or other non-slip surface for him to stand on while getting bathed. Once out of the tub, you will want to have a skid-free surface for the wet dog and for you to stand on while drying. Towels or a bath mat work fine.
  • Gather all of the necessary supplies before taking the dog to the wash area. Shampoo, conditioners and towels will all be needed for a proper bath. If you use a dryer, have that ready as well.
  • Always brush the dog prior to bathing to remove loose dirt and hair. Tangles and any mats should also be taken care of at this time.
  • Cotton balls are useful for keeping water out of a dogs’ ear canal, so have them ready to go after the brushing is done. Place them gently just inside the ear to keep water out.

The bathing procedure itself is fairly simple. Wet the coat thoroughly with warm water using a spray attachment. Make sure the water is flowing freely down the drain so the dog is not standing in dirty water. Massage the shampoo through the hair and down to the skin with a dog bath sponge, making sure you cover the entire dog including belly, tail and feet. After the coat is lathered, rinse with warm water using your hands to squeeze shampoo from the dogs’ coat. Conditioner is applied next and should be thoroughly rinsed out according to directions if it is not a leave-in conditioner. Squeeze the water from the coat and legs with your hands and dry him with a towel.

It never hurts to practice getting the dog in and out of the tub with a dog biscuit or treat before he needs a bath. Getting him comfortable with the situation in a relaxed and yummy way will help things go smoother when bath time does come around. Please contact us for more information on our shampoos, conditioners and leave-in conditioners.

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The Benefits of Red Clover Extract for Dogs

FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment, a gentle dog shampoo alternative is packed with antioxidants and refreshing botanicals, such as gotu kola and red clover extract, to gently and effectively remove dirt and smelly dog odor.
FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment, a gentle dog shampoo alternative is packed with antioxidants and refreshing botanicals, such as gotu kola and red clover extract, to gently and effectively remove dirt and smelly dog odor.

FreshenUp Cleansing Treatment, a gentle dog shampoo that is packed with antioxidants and refreshing botanicals, such as gotu kola and red clover extract, to gently and effectively remove dirt and smelly dog odor.

Red clover, also known as Trifolium pratense, is a pink flowering plant that is found in Northwest Africa, Asia, and Europe. This plant is widely known to help women going through menopause because it reduces hot flashes. red clover extract for dogs has many uses, especially when it is applied to the skin.

The properties in red clover extract soothe mild to severe irritated skin and it can used as an oil to rub onto the affected area.  Red clover works tremendously well with other skin aiding oils such as cucumber, lavender and aloe vera. As a topical treatment, red clover extract soothes the skin and will tone down psoriasis, relieving itchy patches of skin. It is also an incredible treatment for eczema conditions, as it calms the skin and tones down redness.

This topical treatment’s main use is healing dry itchy skin, but it will also give your dog’s coat a sparkly sheen to it. If you’d love for your dog to be clean and comfortable, consider using our Freshen Up Cleansing Treatment. It contains cucumber, gotu kola, and red clover extract, all of which will refresh and moisturize your dog’s skin and coat. This treatment can be used as often as you’d like but once a week or every two weeks will definitely provide enough moisture and treatment to your dog’s dry skin and fur.

Taking your dog the holistic cleaning route will benefit them and nourish their body without any harmful toxins sinking into their skin. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about healthy luxury dog products.

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News from the Dog World: The Yellow Dog Project

M&JDog.Moe in the garden

We love dogs. That’s why we take the time to use only the best ingredients in our holistic, all-natural grooming products. But we’ll be the first to admit that making the world a better place for dogs means more than awesome shampoos and soothing tonics (though they certainly help).

Even though Moe doesn't need a yellow ribbon, we love this idea!

Even though Moe doesn’t need a yellow ribbon, we love this idea!

A great idea that just came to our attention is the Yellow Dog Project. The concept is simple: dogs that should not be approached by other dogs have a yellow ribbon tied around their leash, letting people know that this is a dog with special needs who requires a lot of space.

There are a lot of reasons that a dog might need a little extra breathing room. Some dogs are sick, recovering from an illness, in training for a special job, or being rehabilitated. Some dogs came from abusive homes, other were trained to fight from a young age, and are now fighting for their second chance.

Like people, dogs are individuals, and that needs to be respected. Let’s help dogs and dog owners keep everyone safe and happy by working to raise awareness for the need to be respectful of dogs’ personal space. Even if you’re dog wants to be friends with the whole world, it’s important that we all remember to ask before approaching an unknown dog, and that we teach our children to do the same.

Have more news, or ways in which we can all help to improve the lives of dogs everywhere? We invite you to contact us.

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February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month


Many pet owners don’t realize that February is Spay/Neuter Awareness Month. Here at M&J Dog Essentials, we recognize how important it is for pet owners and animal lovers alike to raise awareness about spaying or neutering your pet. It saves the lives of hundreds of animals every year by preventing overpopulation, which means fewer animals end up on the streets and in shelters, which is something that we all want.

The 'high spirited' Boxers at M&J Dog Essentials, Mac and Lulu, did not experience any laziness, weight gain or personality changes after being spayed and neutered - they are still as entertaining as ever!

The ‘high spirited’ Boxers at M&J Dog Essentials, Mac and Lulu, did not experience any laziness, weight gain or personality changes after being spayed and neutered – they are still as entertaining as ever!

Spaying and neutering your pet is completely safe, when done by a professional, and can also remove the risk of cancers of the reproductive organs, along with many other serious diseases. The health benefits of spaying and neutering are innumerable, and we all want our furry friends to live long and healthy lives!
There are myths that spaying or neutering your pet can lead to laziness, weight gain, or personality changes, but the evidence surrounding these claims is unfounded. There are minimal risks to the surgery, and afterwards, you won’t have the risk of your pet wandering far from home looking for a mate.
So what can animal lovers and pet owners do to celebrate Spay/Neuter Awareness Month? First, tell your friends and neighbors. If you know someone with a pet that needs to be spayed or neutered, help them find a low-cost clinic in your neighborhood. Check out the ASPCA’s website to find out where their clinics are located, and to find out more about spaying or neutering your pet.
If you love your pet and are a responsible pet owner, it’s easy to see why spaying or neutering is essential. It makes your pet healthier and happier, saves countless lives, and makes your community a better place for all pets to live. M&J Dog Essentials is happy to support Spay/Neuter Awareness Month, and we hope you are too!

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