Special Events: January 14 is Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Dress Up Your Pet Day

January 14 is the perfect chance for your furry friend to indulge their inner diva: it’s Dress Up Your Pet Day!

Some tips to remember: make sure your dog is comfortable in the costume and that there aren’t any small pieces that your dog can chew/bite off.  Make sure to post your photos on our Facebook page at Facebook.com/MJDog. Have fun!


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Is January Walk your Pet Month? Yes!


IMG_0870You might think that’s crazy—it’s COLD outside—but the first month of the year is a great time to establish good habits. There are so many benefits to walking your dog daily, it’s hard to list them all. But we’ll try!

Exercise–for both you and your dog. Stimulating the circulation system and getting that heart rate up can head off so many health problems down the road.

Training—Even the best dogs need refresher courses on good walking technique. And they are so anxious to do it right!

Change of scenery—Nothing fights the winter doldrums like getting out of the house, even for a little while.

Companionship—A happy dog is a good dog. Dogs that are walked daily are less likely to have “accidents” or to chew up shoes.


Social interaction—Even if you don’t meet anyone else who’s walking, you and your dog may have the opportunity to greet neighbors getting out of their car or shoveling snow (who will then think, “Well, that’s not the dog that’s driving me crazy with the barking.”) You also have the opportunity to glance around the neighborhood, just to see that everything’s okay. More than one emergency has been spotted by dog-walkers on their route.

And the most important reason to walk?

Show Off a Beautiful Dog—Since you’re well-supplied with natural grooming products from M&J Dog Essentials, your dog’s coat is healthy and lustrous. Our nutrient-rich botanicals soothe dry winter skin, reduce dandruff, and make your dog comfortable for walking in winter weather. All that’s necessary is for you to bundle up and get the leash. Happy walking!

For more information on our holistic dog grooming products, contact us.

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Itchy Dog Skin Can Leave Everyone Sleepless


iStock_000006355174SmallIt’s 2:00 a.m. and you’re settled in bed nestled under the covers when you start hearing the all too familiar sounds coming from your canine companion lying at the foot of the bed. Scratching, licking, gnawing, almost rhythmically nonstop, interrupting not only your sleep, but causing misery for your four-legged pal. Most of us know the feeling of dry, raw itchy skin patches from lack of moisture, especially in cold, dry weather. While we are able to easily lessen the severity of our own itchy skin with a full line of moisturizers and other topical cures, itchy dog skin problems may not be as simple to alleviate. But thanks to our specially formulated natural skin care shampoos and conditioners, your pet’s relentless itching can be a thing of the past.

Rather than just a rushed bath with a chemically irritating shampoo, every dog can benefit from a pretreatment with conditioner that can replenish his skin’s lost moisture as well as alleviate itchiness and dandruff. The Nutrient Fusion pre-bath treatment conditions and protects your dog’s skin while the calming essences reduces bath time anxiety. This soothing conditioner can be left on your dog’s coat until you are both ready for that much anticipated bath.

When it’s time to shampoo, use our natural PH-balanced Purely Clean shampoo and conditioner free of harsh ingredients. Your dog will be thanking you as he experiences the natural scents that will leave his coat clean and soft.

Care of your dog’s dry skin doesn’t stop with the bath. Ensure that he is comfortable in between baths with the Show Dog Shine Leave-In Conditioner. This versatile product can be used to further moisturize dry skin and coats as well as reduce dandruff and even function as a detangler for those pets with longer coats.

Now you can purchase all of these great products together in one bundle with our Dog Essential Pack. Pamper your pet this holiday season and help add moisture to his dry, itchy skin and lackluster coat. Contact us for more information on our complete line of holistic pet products today.

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What Do Dogs Want in Their Christmas Stockings? Healthy Pet Products, Of Course

Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

Admit it, you hang up a stocking for your dog every Christmas. And on Christmas Eve, when you are filling all those stockings, you realize that you don’t have anything for Fido. So you put in some dog treats and call it a night. Not that he complains, but wouldn’t it be nice for him to get something special in his stocking on Christmas morning, just like the other kids?

Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

You can take care of your pet this Christmas — Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and all winter long — by stocking up on some all natural, healthy pet product essentials:

  • Purely Clean Dog Shampoo and Conditioner – Washes away dirt without removing healthy oils from your dog’s skin and coat. Leaves him smelling great, too!
  • Show Dog Shine Leave-In Conditioner – Adds moisture to dry skin and coats. Also detangles long coats.
  • The Dog Essential Pack – Meets all your pet’s skin and coat needs. It naturally promotes healthy skin and coat and relieves hot spots and dry, itchy skin.
  • And don’t forget to get a Dog Bath Sponge, great for use with all our products.

Your dog will love you no matter what you put in his stocking. But we know that he will love these special gifts and, even more, he will love spending bath time with you. (Well, we can’t guarantee that he’ll love the bath, but we know he’s always happy to be with you!)

In addition to caring for his skin and coat, keep your dog healthy this holiday season by making sure that tinsel, glass ornaments, wrapping paper and small toy pieces are picked up off the floor before your curious pal can find and chew them, and limit his holiday snacks to the canine kind.

Contact us for more information about our products, and Happy Holidays to you and all the wonderful dogs in your life!

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Holistic Dog Products: How Flower Essences Help to Balance Your Dog’s Spirit


289116_162214770522893_8145813_oEverything on Earth has energy; is made of energy. The science of physics tells us that energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed; it can only be changed into other forms. We’ve all had the experience of walking into a room and instantly ‘knowing’ that someone was in a bad mood; without their needing to say a word. We say that they are emitting ‘negative vibes’. What we are really experiencing is a negative energy field.

Dogs are much more sensitive to this energy exchange than most humans. Most of us have been told at one time or another that dogs can smell fear and it makes them aggressive with us. What’s really happening is that the dog is sensing the negative energy and sees the human as either weak or dangerous.

This energy exchange is termed vibration and it isn’t limited to animals; plants, rocks and bodies of water all have an energy vibration. Each of these natural things vibrates at its own unique frequency. Humans and animals exchange energy fields with each other and nature all the time. It simply happens at a level that is below our awareness most of the time. Even though we are unaware of the vibration, we do feel the effects. After spending an entire day sitting at a desk, staring at a computer screen; heading outside to walk or sit out in nature revives us. We are exchanging energy fields with nature all around us; negative and positive energy flowing freely back and forth until balance is achieved.

Our dogs feel the effects of the negative energy of modern society just like we do. They get stressed and become hyperactive or fearful. The stress can manifest as itching, rashes and hot spots. Since we know that energy cannot be created or destroyed – only transferred, we can capture the vibrations of plants in water and transfer their unique energies to assist our bodies to calm and heal. That’s how flower essences work. They work on dogs too. That’s why we add custom-blended flower essences to all of our products. These flower essences are designed to gently add calm and a sense of balance to your dog’s life. We believe in natural products that treat the whole dog. Our holistic dog products are gentle and nourishing for your dog’s skin and coat as well as his spirit.

Please feel free to contact us for information on our all natural, holistic dog grooming products.

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