The Do’s and Don’ts for Thanksgiving with your Dog

by   |  Nov 25, 2014  
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Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year, and not just for people. For many folks, the family pets are not much different than a blood relative (though Aunt Agatha might get upset if you throw her outside to go “do her business”). When you’re gathering the two-legged members of your household, remember the four-footed ones Continue reading »

November is Pet Diabetes Month

by   |  Nov 17, 2014  

November is Pet Diabetes Month—a time to heighten pet owners’ awareness of the disease, which typically strikes middle-aged and older dogs. Diabetes is more common in cats than in dogs, but dogs always require insulin shots to treat it, whereas cats can be treated with diet and oral medications. Diabetes mellitus is one of the most Continue reading »

The many benefits of the calendula flower for dogs

by   |  Nov 03, 2014  
Simply Soothed Herbal Rinse from M&J Dog Essentials includes Calendula Flowers as one of its key ingredients!

The calendula flower is a popular addition to the garden with its bright yellow or orange blossoms. It blooms late into the fall and is often the last flower seen before winter arrives. Although calendula is often referred to as pot marigold, it neither looks like nor is related to regular marigold. As a member Continue reading »

Nettle Extract for dogs

by   |  Oct 22, 2014  
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The nettle is actually quite a fascinating plant. It grows on many different continents in moist areas. Its leaves are equipped with structures that resemble hypodermic needles, and if someone brushes against the plant it injects a cocktail of irritating chemicals that causes a severe burning, itching sensation. Such a chemically talented plant!  The nettle Continue reading »

Is Your Dog Shampoo Gentle and pH-Balanced?

by   |  Oct 16, 2014  
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When you bathe your dog, is his dog shampoo gentle to his skin?  Does it keep the layer of protective oils in his hair while still getting rid of the dirt and icky stuff?  Is the shampoo truly pH-balanced so that its actually good for your dog’s coat and skin? Unfortunately many dog shampoos are harsh to Continue reading »