How to Reduce Dog Dandruff

by   |  Jul 17, 2014  
Two german shepherd dogs on a white background.

Dogs might not get embarrassed about the flakes, but their owners do. And it’s not very comfortable for the dog to have its entire body itch and flake away. If you notice your dog has dandruff, the first thing to do is try to relieve the symptoms. First, give your dog a good brushing to Continue reading »

Toxic plants and mulch: keep your yard safe

by   |  Jul 10, 2014  

You enjoy your yard, and so does your dog. However, many dogs like to nibble on plants and eat assorted non-food items, so when planning your garden it’s best to try to avoid putting in potentially toxic plants and mulch. You’ve probably heard that cocoa mulch is deadly dangerous to dogs because it smells like Continue reading »

The Benefits of Grooming your Dog at Home

by   |  Jun 26, 2014  
Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

Often times, you as a pet owner considers grooming your dog is just a beauty regimen; a way for your pet to look prim and proper with a shiny coat, bows in the hair or a fancy bandana around the neck. There is so much more to the process and grooming your dog at home carries with Continue reading »

June 20 is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

by   |  Jun 19, 2014  

This year on Take your dog to work day – June 20, let your dog help by filling one of these important positions. #1: Greeter Some dogs are perfect greeters. Their tails immediately start to wag when they see new people. Just make sure you’ve taught your dog not to jump on people. Perfect breed for Continue reading »

Dog Tear Stains

by   |  Jun 10, 2014  
Photo Credit: Lily Red Studio

Epiphora is what you are observing and what your dog is suffering from. This occurs whеn еvеr thеrе іs аn overflow оf tears оntо thе dog’s face. Іt саn bе caused bу еіthеr excessive tear production, insufficient tear drainage, оr а combination оf bоth. Tears аrе thе eye’s natural response tо аn irritant аnd аrе Continue reading »